The Working Principle of Sludge Dryer

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The Working Principle of sludge dryer

sludge dryer can dry the material with 90% water content to finished product at one time. In view of the characteristics of easy to form cohesive block in the process of sludge drying, the material plate structure of the general single channel dryer is changed, and the combined self-cleaning device is adopted, which greatly expands the application range of the single channel dryer, not only can dry all kinds of sludge, but also can dry all kinds of high viscosity materials.

sludge from the feeder through the chute into the dryer guide plate, with the rotation of the cylinder, the sludge is guided to the inclined plate is lifted to the center of the cylinder, gradually falling to form a curtain, high temperature airflow through it, so that the sludge preheat and evaporate part of the water. When the sludge falls and moves to the active grate type fins, the material and the preheated grate type fins are mixed together, transferring heat to the material and making part of the water evaporate. At the same time, the wing plate clamp material lift, drop, repeat for many times, the material and the hot air convection and contact heat exchange. At the same time, the cleaning device buried in the material also slides along the inside of the circular arc plate to clean the material adherent to the inner wall of the plate. When the cleaning device turns the vertical line with the cylinder BODy, it drags on the back of the arc plate to clean the material adhered to the outer wall of the plate. With the continuous rotation of the cylinder, part of the water evaporates and the sludge is further dried. At the same time, the cleaning device also played a role in breaking the sludge ball, improve the drying speed, and finally the sludge after drying into low moisture loose material, discharged from the discharge port.

complete sludge drying process

sludge dryers make the sludge rush through the "sticky phase zone" in the drying process at the fastest speed. At the same time, the ingenious structure makes the sludge reach the bidirectional shear state in the drying process. The dried sludge is quantitatively and continuously sent into the feeding mouth of the dryer by the screw feeder. After the sludge enters the dryer, the sludge is turned over and stirred by the rotation of the blades, and the heating interface is constantly updated, which is in contact with the BODy and the blades, and is fully heated, so that the surface water contained in the sludge evaporates. At the same time, the sludge with the rotation of the blade shaft into a spiral trajectory to the direction of the discharge port transport, continue to stir in the transport, so that the sludge seepage water continues to evaporate. Finally, the dry and uniform qualified product is discharged from the discharge port. The jacketed shell structure is adopted to make the sludge heat evenly at each interface inside the machine, the shaft BODy rotates, the sludge does not billow in the equipment, and the heating surface is constantly renewed. Thus, the efficiency of the steaming process of the equipment is greatly improved, which not only achieves the purpose of sludge drying, but also realizes the low-cost operation of the whole device.

The complete sludge drying system includes screw conveyor, disc dryer, dust collector, steam condenser and deodorization tower. Wet sludge from screw press sludge dewaterers typically contains 70-80% moisture. The sludge is continuously fed by a screw conveyor into the disc dryer, where it will be heated. The moisture material inside is vaporized and sucked by the blower. The exhaust gas discharged from the dryer enters the steam condenser after dust removal treatment. The condenser turns most of the vapor into condensed water. The exhausted gas will be deodorized by the biological deodorization tower, and then discharged through the chimney.

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