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BIOETP is committed to the treatment of industrial waste gas and industrial sewage, providing you with professional, efficient and reliable solutions.

Sewage treatment: industrial wastewater treatment, domestic sewage treatment equipment, slaughtering and breeding sewage treatment equipment, textile printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment, food processing wastewater treatment equipment.

Waste gas treatment: hazardous waste gas treatment equipment, medical waste gas treatment equipment, garbage deodorization treatment equipment, food processing deodorization treatment equipment, etc.

Sludge treatment: sludge treatment equipment, sludge dehydration equipment, sludge drying equipment, etc.

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We are a domestic professional manufacturer of waste water, sludge, odor treatment solutions and production treatment equipment. We have senior technical backgrounds from universities and professional engineering design capabilities to provide one-stop overall solutions. At the same time, we dare to promise lifelong after-sales service.

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We not only sell machines, but more importantly, we provide solutions for wastewater, sewage treatment, sludge treatment, and exhaust gas deodorization to solve customers' worries

Wastewater Treatment

Industrial and Domestic Wastewater

Industrial wastewater mainly comes from production wastewater, production sewage and cooling water. Industrial wastewater often contains a variety of toxic substances, polluting the environment is very harmful to human health.

Domestic sewage refers to the waste water discharged by people in their daily life activities. Domestic sewage contains a large number of bacteria and pathogens, which can lead to the spread of infectious diseases.


Wastewater treatment is a method of separating the pollutants contained in the waste water, or converting them into harmless substances, so that the waste water can be purified.

Common Machines

  • Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR Media)

    Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR Media)

    Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR Media) processes improve reliability, simplify operation, and requi...

  • Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers

    Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers

    Fine bubble diffusers is used to aerate wastewater for sewage treatment. transfer air and with that ...

  • Mechanical Bar Screen

    Mechanical Bar Screen

    mechanical bar screen consists of many stainless steel rake teeth which are mounted in parallel with...

  • Clarifier


    Clarifiers are widely installed in sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, pulp and water p...

  • PE Polymer Dosing Device

    PE Polymer Dosing Device

    A water treatment automatic dosing device made of PE material, consisting of a solution tank, a stir...

  • Fine Bubble Plate Diffusers

    Fine Bubble Plate Diffusers

    Plate type bubble diffuser has the special design, Can make the aeration system in a wider scope of ...

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