The disc sludge dryer is composed of a horizontal shell and a heated rotor. Multiple heating discs are installed on the rotor, and the discs are equipped with adjustable angle pushers, which can be used during work. Heating the material can push the material along the direction of the discharge end. The steam distribution device inside the shaft can evenly distribute the steam to each heating disk, the steam flows in the disk to keep the heating disk at a constant temperature, and the condensed water is discharged through the special device at the shaft end.


It is widely used in the drying of industrial sludge and domestic sludge. Industrial sludge includes: petrochemical sludge, papermaking sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, leather sludge, Electroplating sludge, petrochemical sludge, coal washing sludge, water plant sludge, pickling sludge, drug residue sludge, construction sludge, pulp sludge, oily sludge, etc.; domestic sludge includes: Municipal sludge, sewage sludge, activated sludge, pond sludge, silt, mud, Mud etc. At the same time, it is also suitable for pulp sludge bio-fermentation bacteria residue, fish meal processing, starch processing, distiller's grains and other feed or food drying.

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Working Princple

Schematic diagram of the working process of the sludge dryer

Schematic diagram of the working process of the sludge dryer

A complete sludge drying system includes screw conveyor, disc dryer, dust collector, steam condenser and deodorization tower. Wet sludge from a screw press sludge dewaterer typically contains 70-80% moisture. The sludge is continuously sent to the disc dryer by the screw conveyor, where it will be heated. The moisture material inside is gasified and sucked by the blower. The exhaust gas from the dryer enters the steam condenser after dust removal treatment. The condenser turns most of the vapor into condensed water. The exhausted gas will be deodorized by the biological deodorization tower, and then discharged from the chimney. Dried sludge also typically contains 20-30% moisture.


Double disc design, large heating area, good drying effectSlight vacuum conditions to keep the evaporation temperature below 95°C

Hidden weld seam design ensures long service lifeOptional heated jacket for additional heated zonesMore than 20% energy saving in condensed water recovery design


Disc diameterDrying AreaDimensionsPower

Select materials according to different raw materials: carbon steel, 304, 316L, double-sided stainless steel, etc.

Engineering case

Sludge dryer engineering case

The disc sludge dryer produced by our company is deeply loved and recognized by customers at home and abroad because of its excellent drying performance and unique hidden weld design! Our company has experienced design and construction personnel. Once the sludge dryer is delivered, we will have professional installation and technical personnel to install, debug and be responsible for subsequent maintenance on site.