Mechanical Bar Screen

Multi-Rake Bar Screen

Mechanical Bar Screen
Mechanical Bar Screen
Mechanical Bar Screen


QY series automatic rotary mechanical grille The rotary mechanical grille is a mechanical device that can continuously and automatically remove various shapes of impurities in the fluid for the purpose of solid-liquid separation.


It is widely used in urban sewage treatment, tap water industry, power plant water inlet, and can also be used in textile, food processing, papermaking, leather and other industries.

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Working Princple

Mechanical bar screen

The mechanical bar screen is assembled into a group of rotary grill chains by a unique rake tooth factory. Driven by the motor reducer, the rake tooth chain rotates against the direction of water flow.

When the rake tooth chain runs to the upper part of the equipment, due to the guidance of the grooved wheel and the curved rail, a relative self-cleaning movement occurs between each set of rake teeth, and most of the solid matter falls by gravity. The other part relies on the reverse movement of the cleaner to clean up the sundries stuck on the rake teeth.

According to the water flow direction, the rake tooth chain is similar to the grille, and the rake tooth gap assembled on the rake tooth chain shaft can be selected according to the use conditions. When the rake teeth separate the solid suspended matter in the fluid, it can ensure the smooth flow of water. The whole working process is continuous or intermittent.

mechanical bar screen workflow


The mechanical bar screen machine has the following characteristics

1. The structure is compact, the overall performance is good, the water flow area is large, and the operation is stable and reliable.

2. Simple operation, good cleaning effect, high efficiency and long service life.

3. It is easy to maintain, and there are no fixing screws in the underwater part of the grid BODy.

4. Fully automatic control of grid rotation cycle, slag removal and decontamination work.

5. With automatic, inching, emergency stop, cut-off and other control functions, it is convenient for operation and maintenance.

6. Each cleaning machine is equipped with a set of control boxes (indoors), and all electrical components are domestic and foreign famous brand products, and PLC interfaces can be reserved according to user requirements.

7. It has mechanical and electrical double overload protection devices.

Unique rake tooth structure design


Model  ParameterDevice Width (mm)Device Width (mm)Teeth Spacing (mm)Installing Angle (°)Channel Depth (mm)Motor Power (kw)