Lamella Clarifier Tube Settlers Media

Lamella Clarifier Tube Settlers Media
Lamella Clarifier Tube Settlers Media


lamella clarifier is a new generation of biological filler, which is made of imported modified B and C copolymer grade plastics, drawn into a hexagonal tubular shape by infrared constant temperature mechanical heat, and welded into a whole product with high frequency. High strength, light weight and pressure resistance, compact structure, regular pore size, stable size, large specific surface area, high porosity, corrosion resistance, aging resistance; smooth wall, easy to discharge mud, easy to wash, easy to manage, simple and quick support, easy to install .


It is mainly used for water treatment in sedimentation tanks of water plants, sewage treatment tanks, accelerated sedimentation tanks and clarification tanks. The sedimentation speed is fast, reducing the sedimentation time to improve the water production and water purification efficiency, and the effluent water quality is good. It is an effective way to tap the potential of water plants and sewage treatment projects.

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Working Princple

honeycomb inclined tube packing

The sedimentation process in wastewater treatment is a physical process that relies on gravity to settle and remove suspended solids. lamella clarifier can increase the settling capacity of a clarifier by reducing the vertical distance that floc must settle before agglomerating to form larger particles. Inclined tube packing Tubular channels inclined at a 60° angle and adjacent to each other, which combine to create a larger effective settling area.

This provides a particle settling depth that is significantly smaller than that of conventional clarifiers, thereby reducing settling time. Inclined tube packing captures settleable fine flocs escaping from the clarification zone below the tube settler and allows larger flocs to enter the bottom of the tank in a more settleable form. The channels of the lamella clarifier collect the solids into a dense mass, which facilitates the sliding of the solids from the tube channels.


Why Choose Our Lamella Clarifier Tube Packing

Why Choose Our lamella clarifier Tube Packing?

Our lamella clarifier tube fills provide an inexpensive way to upgrade existing water treatment plant clarifiers and sedimentation tanks to improve performance. They can also reduce the storage tank/footprint required for new installations or improve the performance of existing sedimentation tanks by reducing solids loading on downstream filters. They are available in a variety of module sizes and tube lengths to suit any tank geometry.

Made from lightweight PVC/PP, our dip tube fills can be easily supported by minimal structures that typically include sump supports.

Our lamella clarifier tubes are available in a variety of module sizes and tube lengths to fit any tank geometry.

Features of Honeycomb Inclined Tube Packing

A variety of specifications and sizes to meet different needs

clarifiers/settlers with inclined tube fills will run at 2 to 4 times the normal operating speed of clarifiers/settlers without inclined tube fills.

Coagulant usage can be cut in half while maintaining low influent turbidity to treatment plant filters.

Less filter backwashing equates to significant savings in water and electricity operating costs.

New units using inclined tube packing can be designed to be smaller due to the increased flow capacity.

The flow rate of existing water treatment plants can be increased by adding inclined tube packing.

Inclined tube packing increases the allowable flow rate by expanding the settling capacity and enhancing the solids removal rate in the settling tank.


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