• Continuous Sludge Dryer

    Continuous Sludge Dryer

    QY-SG series sludge dryer, double disc dryer, special mechanical design for protecting all welding seams, in-direct steam heated, continuously drying.

  • Disc Dryer For Recycling of Calcium Fluoride Sludge Manufacturer

    Disc Dryer For Recycling of Calcium Fluoride Sludge Manufacturer

    The disc dryer for recycling of calcium fluoride sludge, The dried sludge can be used to make ceramics, building materials, cement additives, etc.

  • Industrial Sludge Drying System

    Industrial Sludge Drying System

    Complete set include sludge dryer, conveyors, moisture condensers, cooler and air purification equipment, electrical equipment and automation, etc.

  • Multi Disc Screw Press

    Multi Disc Screw Press

    The multi-disc screw press is a sludge dewatering machine. For solid-liquid separation of municipal and industrial wastewater from various industries.

  • Horizontal Screw Centrifuge

    Horizontal Screw Centrifuge

    A kind of continuous high-efficiency horizontal centrifuge that uses centrifugal force to separate liquid or solid of different densities

  • Disc Stack Centrifuge

    Disc Stack Centrifuge

    A kind of disc centrifuge for separation of two kinds of liquid or solid-liquid suspensions with density difference by centrifugal sedimentation princ...

  • Sludge Dryer

    Sludge Dryer

    Our sludge dryer is specifically designed to effectively dry sludge while maintaining low energy consumption and high efficiency.