The multi disc screw press is referred to as the screw stacker. It is a new type of sludge dewatering machine that realizes sludge extrusion and dehydration through the strong extrusion force generated by the change of screw diameter and pitch, and the tiny gap between the moving ring and the fixed ring. solid-liquid separation equipment.


Widely used in sludge dehydration and solid-liquid separation of municipal and industrial wastewater in petroleum, food and beverage, animal husbandry, feed, pharmaceutical, chemical, machinery manufacturing, metal processing, printing and dyeing, papermaking and paint industries.

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Working Princple

Working principle of multi disc screw press

Working principle: The main BODy of the stacked screw dehydrator is a filtering device formed by stacking a fixed ring and a moving ring, and the screw shaft runs through it. The front section is the concentration section, and the back section is the dehydration section. The filter gap formed between the fixed ring and the moving ring and the pitch of the screw shaft gradually become smaller from the thickening part to the dehydrating part. While the rotation of the screw shaft pushes the sludge from the thickening part to the dehydration part, it also continuously drives the swimming ring to clean the filter joints to prevent clogging.


Proprietary pre-concentration device

The configured rotary disc pre-thickening device is better at handling low-concentration sludge

Improve the shortcomings of the existing gravity thickening, realize high-efficiency concentration of low-concentration sludge, flocculation and concentration are integrated, reduce the pressure of subsequent dehydration, combined with the adjustment of the telescopic valve, the concentration of the incoming sludge can be adjusted to an optimal state for dehydration, suitable for sludge dehydration treatment with a concentration of 2000mg/L-50000mg/L.


High-efficiency double-loop design

The movable and fixed ring replaces the filter screen, filter cloth, etc., self-cleaning, non-clogging, and easier to handle oily sludge

Under the rotation of the screw shaft of the multi-disc screw press, the movable plate is constantly shifted relative to the fixed plate, thus realizing a continuous self-cleaning process and avoiding the common clogging problem of traditional dehydrators. Therefore, it has a strong ability to resist oily dirt, is easy to separate, and does not block. And there is no need to add water for high-pressure washing, clean and environmentally friendly, no odor, no secondary pollution.


Low speed, no noise, low energy consumption

Energy saving and emission reduction, noise pollution reduction

The multi-disc screw press relies on volumetric internal pressure for dehydration, without the need for a large BODy such as a drum, and the operating speed is low, only 2-4 revolutions per minute, so it saves water, energy, and low noise. The average energy consumption is 1 of the belt machine. /8, 1/20 of the centrifuge, its unit power consumption is only 0.01-0.1kwh/kg-DS, which can reduce the operating cost of the sewage treatment system.


Other advantages:

  1. Small footprint, low investment cost, significantly improve the treatment effect:

    The multi disc screw press has a small footprint, which can reduce the civil construction investment of the dehydration machine room, and can directly treat the sludge in the aeration tank and the secondary sedimentation tank, without the need to set up a sludge thickening tank and a sludge storage tank, so the overall investment in infrastructure can be reduced Cost, avoid the problem of phosphorus release in the traditional sludge thickening tank, and improve the dephosphorization function of the sewage treatment system.

  2. Fully automatic unattended, simple and easy to operate:

    There are no filter cloths, filter holes and other easy-clogging components in the multi disc screw press, and the operation is simple and safe. According to the customer's operating time period, combined with the automatic control system, the program can be set to realize full-automatic unattended operation.

  3. After-sales guarantee:

    Our team of experienced and well-trained engineers will help you with installation, operation and maintenance training.



Modular design, different processing capacities can be customized according to requirements:

Due to its modular design and compact structure, the capacity of QY-SPD series screw press sludge dewatering machine can be easily expanded through parallel operation system to meet the treatment of various sludges with different capacities. The treatment capacity is 1.5 m3/h to 180m3/h at 0.2% sludge concentration and 0.3m3/h to 28m3/h at 2% sludge concentration.

Capacitysludge treatment capacity under different sludge concentrations(m3/h)
Modelkg/h (DS)2000mg/l (0.2%)4000mg/l (0.4%)10000mg/l (1%)20000mg/l (2%)25000mg/l (2.5%)