Fine Bubble Plate Diffusers


Fine Bubble Plate Diffusers
Fine Bubble Plate Diffusers
Fine Bubble Plate Diffusers


Plate type bubble diffuser has the special design, the advantage is it can make the aeration system in a wider scope of work volume that can maintain a constant rate of oxygen transfer. The support of late diffuser is made of ABS material or stainless steel, membrane flat out on it. And it's a squeeze film forming, there will be no secondary paste cause degumming problems. Plate diffuser can be used for intermittent operation system, and can be also used in the continuous operation system using computer numerical control perforate technology, it makes the diffuser stopped at runtime automatically closed holes effectively prevent the mud flow backward. See from the above aeration equipment has better performance than general of microporous aeration, is the first choice for large and medium-sized sewage treatment plant aeration equipment.

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Service area (m2)1.5
Design air flow (m3/h)1-16
Optimum air flow (m3/h)7
Oxygen transfer efficiency (%)27-40
Working temperature (℃)0-80
Connector thread (NPT)1
Membrane thickness (mm2
Hole quantity (pcs)12994
Punch size (mm)1
Bubble size (mm)1-2
Effective surface area (m2)0.09m2