Working Princple

working principle of rotary drum screen

rotary drum screen

The rotary cleaning net cylinder makes a circular motion of 5~8r/min per minute at an inclination angle of 35° in the water, and 1/3 of the net cylinder is immersed in the water. Sewage and floating objects enter the interior of the mesh cylinder from the lower opening of the mesh cylinder, and the floating substances are attached to the inner wall of the mesh cylinder and taken out of the water. When the mesh cylinder turns to a high point, impurities fall into the garbage conveying system due to gravity, and are conveyed and squeezed to discharge mouth. The filtered sewage flows away through the gap of the mesh cylinder.


Drum diameter D (mm)600800100012001400160018002000
Drum length I (mm)5006207008001000115012501350
Screw conveyor diameter d (mm)219273273300300360360500
Channel width (mm)650850105012501450165018502070
Max water depth H4 (mm)3504505406207508609601050
Installation angle35o
Channel depth H1 (mm)600-3000
Discharge height H2 (mm)Customized
Installation length A (mm)A = H x 1.43 - 0.48D
Total length L (mm)L = H x 1.743 - 0.75D

Flow rate (m3/h)


Mesh size (mm)21903305557651095144018302260