bubble diffusers, also known as disc aerator, is a typical microbubble air diffusion device, mainly made of microporous materials such as ceramics, titanium powder, alumina, silicon oxide and nylon, etc. The diameter of the bubbles produced is 2mm Below, the oxygen utilization rate is high, and it is widely used in biochemical oxidation tanks and air flotation tanks in wastewater treatment processes.

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etails of fine bubble diffusers

Preferred Material

1. The rubber diaphragm is made of high-quality rubber, and special additives are added to increase the physical and chemical properties. Effectively prevent the shrinkage, hardening and aging of the diaphragm, and prolong the service life.

2. The plastic support plate is made of polypropylene + glass fiber, and is equipped with anti-aging additives to endow the product with excellent toughness, oxidation resistance, UV resistance, impact resistance, creep resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Professional Craftsmanship

1. Professional diaphragm surface treatment process and special drilling technology ensure the product surface is smooth, the pores are small, the product is not easy to scale, the bubbles are small, and the biochemical activity of the system is improved.

2. The rubber diaphragm adopts molding technology, which is multi-directional tear-resistant and has high tear strength.

3. Mechanical assembly production line to ensure product quality, stable and reliable.

4. Dust-free workshop to ensure that there is no intrusion of impurities in production

Details of fine bubble diffusers

Detailed design, Craftsmanship

1. There are gripping strips on the outer periphery of the fine bubble diffusers gland, which can prevent the diaphragm from falling off due to the creep of the plastic gland due to the long-term pressure of the diaphragm expansion and external tension under the working condition of the aerator.

2. Special non-return structure design. There is a raised stop ring around the air hole of the support plate. When the aeration stops, it can effectively prevent the muddy water from flowing back.

3. The optional second non-return structure is also specially designed to cooperate with the channel structure to make the air flow smooth. Reduce product energy consumption and prolong service life.

4. The inside of the aerator gland is designed to protrude downward along the end, which can strengthen the diaphragm and prevent the diaphragm from falling off.

5. The optimized design of the airflow channel structure, the enlarged air hole area, and the design of chamfering at the corners reduce the resistance loss of the product under working conditions.

6. Strengthen the threaded part of the aeration pan to prevent the root of the aeration pan from breaking


Service area (m2)0.125-0.50.1875-0.750.325-1.3
Design air flow (m3/h)1-41.5-62.5-10
Optimum air flow (m3/h)235
Maximum air flow (m3/h)6915
Oxygen transfer efficiency (%)27-38
Working temperature (℃)0-80
Connector thread (NPT)3/4
Membrane thickness (mm)2

Hole quantity (pcs)4400660011440
Punch size (mm)1
Bubble size (mm)1-2
Product diameter (mm)228
Effective diameter (mm)184

Engineering case

Bubble diffuser project case 1

Bubble diffuser project case 2