Ten 40HC of MBBR Media was delivered to Southeast Asia.

Publish Time:2022-01-17   Views:179

ten 40HC of mbbr media

Ten 40HC of mbbr media by bioetp was delivered to Southeast Asia at Jan 11-12, 2022

Our's mbbr media is a new kind of suspension carriers. It modified polymeric material with the promoted additions of bio-enzyme, it improves the enzymatic catalysis, so it possess excellences of larger specific surface, being easy to multiply biofilm, unease to fall off, high denitrification, good hydrophile, high biological activity.

Being a solid liquid separation solution provider, BIOETP is with rich experience in design and manufacturing the dewatering screw press machine. More important, BIOETP is able to provide overall solution for separation and conveying with the rich product line and strong fabrication and assembly capabilities.

So,if you have any industrial solid liquid separation requirement aroused, please feel free to contact BIOETP. You can find our contact on BIOETP official website