Biotrickling Filter Tower for Odor Control

Biotrickling Filter Tower for Odor Control


The structure of the biotrickling filter is similar to the biofilter, the difference is that there is a spray device on the top, and the humidity in the equipment is controlled by it. The sprayed liquid drips down through the filter bed. The spray liquid often contains nutrients required for the growth of microorganisms, and the porosity of the filling filter material is usually required to be higher than that of the biofilter.


Bio-trickling filter tower waste gas treatment equipment is widely used in urban sewage stations, garbage treatment plants, paint plants deodorization / odor, plastic, rubber factory production waste gas, feed processing waste gas, food and beverage factory odor, corporate deodorization / odor and other malodorous waste gas treatment .

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Working Princple

working principle of biotrickling filter

When the toxic, harmful and foul-smelling waste gas containing gas, liquid and solid mixture is introduced into the system through the collection pipeline, the biofilm formed by cultivating high-efficiency microbial strains growing on the biological filler is used to purify and degrade the pollutants in the waste gas.

On the one hand, this biofilm uses the pollutants in the exhaust gas as nutrients for growth and reproduction; on the other hand, it decomposes the toxic and harmful odorous substances in the exhaust gas into simple inorganic substances such as non-toxic and harmless CO2, H2O, H2SO4, HNO3, etc. , so as to achieve the purpose of deodorization.

The biotrickling filter tower uses microorganisms to deodorize, and converts odorous substances through the physiological metabolism of microorganisms, so that the target pollutants are effectively decomposed and removed, so as to achieve the purpose of odor control. Odors pass through a filter layer that is moist, porous and full of active microorganisms. Using the adsorption, absorption and degradation functions of microbial cells to odorous substances, the microorganisms have the characteristics of small cells, large surface area, and various types of adsorption metabolism, and decompose the odorous substances into simple inorganic substances such as CO₂, H₂O, H₂SO₄, HNO₃ after adsorption. The biological filter method has high deodorization efficiency and is suitable for waste gas treatment with low atmospheric concentration.


  • The performance of the equipment is stable, and there is no need for special personnel to monitor and operate it;

  • The biotrickling filter tower has the characteristics of automatic control function

  • No need to add nutrients

  • The biofilm decomposes odorous substances quickly and efficiently;

  • The tower BODy is made of PP plate, stainless steel and carbon steel.

  • Technicians can construct on site, which is convenient for installation;

  • The purification efficiency of equipment odor treatment is as high as 90%.

Engineering case

We provide services include biotrickling filter system designing and manufacturing, Installation, Microorganism seeding, Operation training etc. Years of experience allow us to assure the unit will work correctly.